The picture from the Portal page

Encyclopaedia Demonica is another wiki dedicated to memes. It is not as well known as Uncyclopedia, but believe me, it sucks just as bad

Firstly, the name in itself. It is a cheap copy of Encyclopaedia Dramatica. It even has the ae of encyclopaedia! Secondly, it hates its origins. It despises Encyclopaedia Dramatica, saying that it 'sucks like hell' (note the terrible demon joke). Thirdly, what it says when an article is short (a stub). 'This (insert category name)-related article smells funny. You can help Encyclopaedia Daemonica by giving it a bath'. Nuff said.

Finally, the worst of all. There is an entire page of about 10,000 words dedicated to hating Uncyclopedia. But DO NOT be fooled. There is an entire category for SUCKING UP TO UNCYCLOPEDIA! That is why I hate Encyclopaedia Daemonica so much. It is highly recommended to hate it too.