The Gersch Device when held.

The Gersch Device is a wonder weapon that appears in Ascension. It creates a small black hole that sucks in every zombie near by in, awarding 50 points per zombie (it will become 150 points if you own a ballistic knife). You can dive or jump (but not walk or sprint) into the black hole which will teleport you to a random location on the map. You will get an achievement for killing five zombies with one Gersch device, called "They're going THROUGH!". It fills up your tactical grenade slot and is one of the two tactical grenades found in Ascension, the other being the Matryoshka doll.

Now for some random facts:

  • If you throw it outside the map, it will not activate and Samantha Maxis will laugh at you.
  • The Gersch Device pulls every zombie on the map towards it, but because it only lasts 10 seconds, it will release them before they are sucked in. The closer they are, the stronger the pull
  • The player isn't affected by its gravitational pull
  • If you stand a small distance away from the Gersch device as it sucks zombies in, it is possible to see a series of number, referring to the numbers in campaign
  • The Gersch device was nicknamed, "Project Mercury".
  • Because of the above note, the Gerschdevice could run on mercury
  • Awful Lawton (an upgraded crossbow) bolts seem to override the Gersch Device, as zombies will crowd around the bolt instead of being sucked in by the device