Jungle is a large map in Call of Duty: Black Ops set in a jungle in Vietnam. It is good to all gameplay types, from close-quarters to long-ranged. The village section of the map is the highest traffic spot, with most close-quarter fights happening there. However, there are several perches especially for sniping. Some parts of the map have land mines at the boundry, similar to Wasteland from Modern Warfare 2. In the middle of the map is a large rock used specifically for sniping. It is a one-way entrance, so you can plant a claymore at the entrance. The rock's height is also good for last resort, so if you are going to be killed or are low on ammo you can jump for a suicide. However, a rare glitch occurs when if you dive to prone off it you will survive, even without lightweight pro (confirmed on PS3). Some parts of this map are cut off during wager matches.

Now for some random facts:

  • The large rock used for sniping is sometimes called 'Pride Rock' for being pointed like the pride rock in The Lion King, and because people kill each other to get up there.
  • Jungle is also the name of a cancelled map in the same game. It was cancelled during late development.
  • On top of the ridge, there is an ammo box followed by a box of Cuban cigarettes.

Thanks to Call of Duty Wiki for research purposes.