Kowloon is a map on Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is set in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Kowloon is good for all combat types because of it's high buildings and paths. It features two ziplines that let the player travel from Domination flag B to flag A or C. But while using them you cannot shoot and are completely exposed to enemies. Also, if you ride a death machine holding a Death Machine or Grim Reaper, you will lose them and they cannot be recovered. In a game with many players, it is highly likely campers will shoot you down.

You should be wary because many buildings have multiple entrances, so you should watch out for people trying to sneak up on you. The map also has several rooftops that can be used to snipe enemies. The main zipline point is one of them.


Grenades are useful in this map due to their ability to clear rooms easily, especially in the buildings containing zipline starts.

As stated above, the ziplines let you travel to the two flags in Capture the Flag and flags A and C in Domination. But this the zipline start points are the areas of main gunfight, so you may find it difficult to get to the zipline.

A glitch occurs when standing/ crouching in front of one of the windows in the south-west end of the map. If you go far back enough, you will become invisible. This is confusing for enemies who do not watch their killcam and do not know the glitch.

It is very easy to fall to your death on this map.

Now for some random facts:

Kowloon is the only map with rainy weather

It is the first map to feature a zipline

there is a chair near Domination flag C that is a replica of the torture chair Alex Mason is held in during the campaign

There are monkeys in cages in this map, like the ones in Rebirth, but the cages are bulletproof.

Kowloon is the second map to be in the night; the first is Hanoi

You can see a Boeing 747 like the one in Numbers flying over the map.

If you watch a TV for a few seconds, a five in a circle will appear. What's more, the numbers on the dial; say 11. This is a reference to 115

Damaging the televisions will stop the music around it from playing

There is an RC-XD path near flag B

If you kill an enemy on a zipline with a tomahawk/ ballistic knife, it will be stuck to them when they respawn