673px-Strela-3 equipped


The Strela-3 is used by Hudson while on Rebirth Island to shoot down Mi-8 helicopters that are attacking his squad. It is also used on the mission Redemption in the Wii version by Mason to shoot down enemy helicopters above the deck of the boat. This use is exclusive to the Wii version, as all other versions use a Valkyrie Rocket Launcher instead. This change is due to RAM limitations on the Wii.


The Strela-3 is a secondary launcher unlocked at level 30. It is aircraft lock-on only, and comes stocked two missles. It serves essentially the same function as the Stinger missile from Modern Warfare 2. It pairs well with Ghost Pro, as the player using the Strela-3 can take out a single Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner, or Gunship alone, by firing the first missile to force the helicopter to evade with flares, then using the second to take it down entirely.

The Strela-3 missile has a long range, capable of tracking targets even after the vehicle has evaded the projectile, unlike the M72 LAW, which is unlocked earlier.

When coupled with Scavenger Pro, the Strela-3 gains a third missile, giving the player great anti-air capabilities. However, picking up Scavenger bags will not provide the player with more ammo.