Ft uncyclopedia
Uncyclopedia is a famous wiki used as a posting point for random memes. It has a logo which is basically a distorted version of Wikipedia's, and it looks VERY lazy. It is also a very obvious copy of Encyclopaedia Dramatica (which closed down permanently due to hackers), having both memes and attempts at being funny. Unlike Encyclopaedia Dramatica, though, Uncyclopedia is stupid and unfunny. It even has a page about how to make funny articles, which does completely the opposite.

But to take this stupidness to a new level, Uncyclopedia doesn't hide it's awfulness (is that a word?). No, instead it displays hate for itself. If you search up 'Uncyclopedia sucks' in Google, you will get many hate pages from Uncyclopedia itself!

Please don't visit Uncyclopedia. If you do, only visit it to laugh at how terrible it really is. Thank you.