Villa is a medium-sized muliplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Villa, as it's name suggests, a large house area.

The courtyard of Villa

It is set on top of a cliff, and the map's edges bear similar qualities to Cliffside from World at War. Elements of Courtyard (World at War) are also present in the centre area, as it has a large open space with rock cover.

The Villa itself looks over the courtyard and certain objectives (Bombs, Flags e.t.c.) Many player like to pick off enemies who run into the open area because of this, as they are easier to target than those who use cover.

Now for some random facts

  • If you go to the pool and shoot all the oranges and does not hit the apple, the apple will be hovering in mid-air
  • If you shoot of knife the bottles on the map, they won't shatter
  • This entire map is possibly a reference to the endin of Bad Boys 2, which is set in a Cuban villa similar to this one
  • The cans scattered across the map are labelled with 'Treyarch'
  • From time to time, a storm will come to the map, making everything darker
  • There are bottles next to the pool with the juggernog logo on them
  • If you are quiet you can hear a speech (Possibly Fidel Castro).

Thanks to Call of Duty Wiki for research purposes.